Army green and stripes

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm a sucker for all things stripes, especially when I find it in a cozy form fitting sweater. I normally gravitate towards a black  and  white stripe, but I loved the neutrals in this top, and I figured it was time for a little variety. It was a mild day out and I knew we were going to be outside for a good part of the afternoon, so I threw this light army green jacket over it instead of hauling a large coat. I love the gold buttons and the olive tone to it. I love how I'll be able to wear it through the colder months since it fits nicely over a chunky sweater, add snake print lace ups and a cropped jean, perfect for an apple festival.

Both sweater and jacket are from J. Crew Mercantile who by the way is having a 60% off sale!

A New Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First off, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by lots of love and laughter!

For the past 3 years, Bill and I have spent Thanksgiving in Philly with friends or family that has come up to visit, we like to reserve our trip to Texas for Christmas time, but this year we made our way down to Texas early and spent Thanksgiving at our family's cabin in Ruidoso New Mexico.

When it comes to Holidays my family isn't one to leave El Paso or stray from tradition, which is why this year was the new Thanksgiving. Instead of worrying about the Turkey, we pre ordered a smoked one, my mom and I worked on side dishes early in the morning, then went down to the lake while we waited for the rest of the family to get in. Emilia enjoyed the ducks, Bill and I zip lined for the first time, the experience was amazing, but getting to go on an adventure together again was good for the heart!

The rest of the weekend couldn't have been better every morning the house was filled with family, coffee and large breakfast, some of us went for runs, others took naps, and Emilia walked circles around the cabin, there was no schedule, there was no stress, there was just love!

Distressed Denim

Monday, November 14, 2016

I joined the distressed denim party a little late, being the old school person that I am, I kept thinking.. why am I going to pay for jeans that look like they're 1,0000 of years old! I know I know its the trend. Express ended up winning me over, thanks to suggested post, I saw the most amazing black denim jeans, they were having a sale so naturally Emilia and I took a trip over. The jeans were far better in person, they are high waisted, the rips have a mesh material covering up, which means I can keep wearing them once its cold out and the bottom of them are completely torn... you can't see it on me because well I have to roll them up, I seriously recommend them, I can't stop wearing them!

Shop the look:

Express black distressed denim

5 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The world is changing everyday, sometimes for the the best others for the worst, we're on the verge of possibly electing a first female president ( whoo), but we've also given a 6 month sentence to a rapist thinking of his future and not that of his victim. Raising a daughter is not a easy task, I know I am after all a daughter. The other day, I was telling my mom, how I'm nervous of Emilia growing up in
this crazy world, but mostly how I want to set a good example for her.

Without thinking twice I lost my cool over something so insignificant, and when I gathered my thoughts, it made me realize I have some little human watching me, learning from me, these are the things I want her to teach her.

1. This world is yours for the taking.
There will be people and places who think they can take your dreams, goals and ambitions, push through anyway, be so good you can't be ignored.

2. Try New Things
Don't stay in your comfort zone, nothing extra ordinary happens there, be in a place that excites, motivates and scares you and when you need comfort then you can come homed, but try first!

3. Be a Foodie
As a self proclaimed foodie, I hope you're just as adventures with your food as I am, never walk into someone's house or restaurant and make a face because you don't like or have never tried it.

4. Respect yourself
Never let anyone walk all over you, never let anyone make you feel less, I know that you shouldn't be judged by what you wear, but respect your body, dress for yourself, be confident in that body, it'll house you, your entire life, feed it well, treat it kindly, be proud of it.

5.Try Try and Try some more
Thats all I ask  you do in this life at times you will succeed, at times you will fail but the greatest thing you can do is know that you tried your best, giving up is not an option, but I will be by your side to comfort you when you think you can't go on.

Bell Sleeves

Thursday, November 3, 2016

It feels like I'm in workout clothes most days, so this past Saturday I was out of the house by myself for a few hours before meeting up with the hubs and baby for Saturday activities. I had to take the opportunity to dress up and put some make up on. I was dying to wear this shirt I found at Loft, I love the bell like sleeves and length, lately I had been feeling like my shirts were too short for my jeans... not a good look!

Shop the Look:

Bell Striped Shirt

Halloween Around the House

Monday, October 31, 2016

I've always loved Halloween and decorating for it, when I was younger we would have crazy halloween parties, one year we threw a party in my parents empty house, decorated each room with  a scary movie theme.... it was one awesome parties... come to think of it, I don't think I have any pictures.

Anyway last year we had a newborn so we didn't really get to do much, but this year we tested out her scare factor, turns out so far not much scares her, so we made our graveyard on our lawn, put our pumpkins out, our wicked witch and her flying ghouls look out our front window and of course our mantle of skulls. I'm so excited that she gets to take part in halloween this year, she's dressing up as a little strawberry and we decided she'd have more fun seeing all the dressed up kids than actually trick o treating. We'll  have treats for the kids and sangria for the parents that stop by! can't wait for tonight!

A Note on 2 Years

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A note to you Bill on our second anniversary feels like more than that doesn't it, with the purchase of a new home, the welcoming of our little Emilia and the in betweens, arguing over hating the sofa in the living room, to enjoying a glass of wine and awesome naps on those sofas we (I) once hated.

Struggling every night over Emi's bedtime to breaking out into the happiest dance when she falls asleep with out a fight, having to go upstairs and tell you both its bed time, because I hear non stop giggling coming from the monitor.

We've learned so much, we've forgotten so much, we've argued, we've made up, we've made mistakes but my favorite is when the day comes to an end and we hug and say goodnight.... its simple but it means the world to me.

To my favorite dancing partner, Happy Anniversary !!!!