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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


A special valentine's day post dedicated to B and few fun facts about the fella, and our very first Valentine's day together.

B and I have been together since 2012 since then we've moved in together got engaged, married, bought our first home and had a beautiful baby, and just the other night I told him, that it was funny to think that he was the quiet guy at the pool party where we first met. He's grown so much and yet has remained stubborn in some of his ways.

B, is a loan officer or a bank, so 70% of the day you will probably hear him on the phone, listening to him talk about rates, mortgages and clients, if he's not talking on the phone he's probably answering an email, most of his business is conducted when people get home from work, so when he's home, he has to work.

He's a quiet guy, or maybe its because I'm so loud, so he just lets me take center stage, and he observes, however now that we've been doing outings with our neighbors he comes out of his shell and its great to see him mingle with out me talking over him (oops).

He's very competitive, he doesn't like to admit to it but he is. We  recently started working out together doing Shaun T's Max 30, he'll be  huffing and puffing but Will not quit before I do!

He's loves a good snuggle when we watch a movie after Emi has gone to sleep he snuggle up on the sofa with me, as soon as Emilia wakes up on the weekend we bring her over to our bed and they just cuddle for ever, I'm more of a get up and go girl!

He loves to host parties, dinners and people at our house just as much as I do, he likes to help decorate, work on props, make drinks, eat mingle and lucky for me he won't skip out on the cleaning.

He's come into his own style, I love that he tries new things to modern up his look, when he's not wearing the Apple Watch, he'll be sporting this Jord wood watch, he loves how lightweight it is and the fact that its made from real wood, he feels manlier in it according to him. he's wearing the Dark and stormy from the Delmar collection.

He has to end his day  reading, even if we watched a show before bed and it's late or he's falling asleep on the couch as soon as we go to bed, he reads, I pass out!

Our first Valentine's day was a little off, we weren't planning on spending it together since it was a week day and he worked late, so we were going to DC for the weekend, however I was a bit bummed  I didn't get flowers ( I love flowers, I'm a flower girl he knows it) so he calls me towards the end of the day I was short with him, he asks if I got the flowers I told him no, he swears they just didn't get delivered but...... he showed up at my place around 10pm with flowers and chocolates... flowers were holding on by a string, but thats all he could find so late we laugh about it now, and DC was so fun! it made up for it!

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Wooden Wristwatch

Kiddo's Valentine's Day Party

Monday, February 13, 2017

I think I've said this a million times, but holidays with babies is so much better, brighter and well messier! and I don't think I'd have it any other way! This past Friday I hosted a little Valentine's day party with a wonderful group of moms, and their kiddos.

I love having little parties and decorating, this was the perfect opportunity it was Friday, late in the afternoon, mom's didn't have to worry about dinner since we had pizza and some fun treats, cupcakes and chocolate kisses were a hit! 

This was the first time since Emilia started walking that I've seen her interact with so many kids at the same time, sharing her space and learning her way around without mom being right by her side, for the most part she was at the pretzels, but got some good play time in! 

The dollar spot at Target is my ultimate obsession, lets my creative side run free with out breaking bank! 

Here are some pictures of the decor, we don't have actual pictures of the kids playing because, I don't think any of us thought to bring out a camera,  we were more interested in enjoying the moment ! 

All Dressed Up!

Friday, February 3, 2017

It's rare that B and I have a black tie event, I think the last time I wore a ball gown and he a tuxedo was our wedding. We were so excited to be able to dress to the nines for a wedding we had at the beginning of the month, the reason we were in Puerto Rico, I talked about our trip here. To be honest, B was a little afraid that his Tux wouldn't fit, but thanks to a great little detox I put him on he looked better than EVER! I found my dress at Bloomingdales during their Friends and Family sale.

My cousin and I both agreed the dress went perfect with the occasion and location! the deep pinks and purples, the large flower and the satin like material screamed Puerto Rico in January,  I was so happy with the way it fit, of course the length had to be altered but thats not new.

seriously a night for the books!

Family Trip to Puerto Rico

Monday, January 30, 2017

At the Beginning of January we took a trip to Puerto Rico for a wedding, since we had asked my parents to watch Emilia for the night we decided to make it a family trip, we brought my sister and parents along, it was the most fun! I remember when I was younger going on trips with my grandparents and loving it so much being able to do this with my parents now, was such a joy!

 We did some Old San Juan walking, eating and shopping... the food, was absolutely incredible, our first night we headed to a Mercado across the street from our hotel, we tried different foods, and drinks, the next day we found a Cinema restaurant where according to us it was just a drink to cool down, two hours laters we had so many drinks and so many appetizers! it was glorious!

It was so nice to see my parents relax and let loose, my dad was enjoying his Cuba Libres and my mom well she just enjoys life, Emilia Enjoyed the food, the attention and splashing in the ocean, walking in the water and swimming with mom, and being spoiled with her grandparents. She actually hit a few milestones while we there she learned to say "Agua" she would shriek Agua and she would point at the pool or any body of water around her, that girl is a fish! she got enough confidence to let go of my had and walk on here own, and she hasn't stopped! I  finally got to enjoy so QT with my baby sister, Emilia was asleep, my mom was with her, dad and B went to run an errand and my sister and I bough a pitcher of PiƱa coladas and sat pool side, the rest of the gang joined later on.

Bill and I got dressed up and headed to a wedding later in the evening, we danced the night away ran into old friends, I was so happy to see, we danced and drank and laughed, we finally decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.... it was 11:30 hahaha, we're such old people! we ended the night with a little room service and good night sleep!

I can't wait for another family Vacation! if you have any questions on where to stay or things to do let me know!

Exquisite Earth Elements : Ionic Power Cleansing Mask

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

There is nothing I love more than a face mask after a nice hot shower....neither happen that often, but when they I do I like a mask I know is going to work, I usually look for something that will pull impurities, leave my skin brighter and let's get real, that leaves my skin a little tighter. I'm always trying new ones, from drugstores, make up counters and skin lines I've  had my favorites but recently I had the opportunity to try a clay mask from Exquisite Earth Elements and I fell in love!

I started using it right after the holiday drinks to clean and detox my skin, then I did an application right before we left to Puerto Rico, I knew I wouldn't be wearing much make up so I wanted my skin to glow, I was so happy with the results my skin looked brighter, hydrated oh so hydrated and is it pulled impurities it dried up some blemishes. 

I was so pleased with the results last, I've used it for about 2 weeks, maybe every 3 days and if I have an event coming up I use it the night before! If you guys are interested in trying it check out their page, at check out use code Leonor10 for 10% off, I promise you'll fall in love!!! 

Breakfast Nachos

Friday, January 13, 2017

If you've read the blog for awhile you know how much I love brunch and trying out new brunch places, but sometimes I would rather make brunch at home in our pjs with the tv on, best Sundays if you ask me!

For the first Sunday of the year I made breakfast nachos, they were suppose to start off a chilaquiles but I found so many topping options in our pantry I knew nachos were the way to go! and they did not disappoint!

I coated the tostadas with olive oil let them soften up, then I add the onion, let that cook for a while I mixed in some black beans, corn, diced green chiles, pink salt a little garlic stirred it a bit let it simmer together, added shredded munster cheese let it all melt together topped it with an over easy egg, and a side of roasted potatoes! it was amazing!

New Year!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello all!!!! Happy New year !!!! we're well into 2017 and I'm just coming in from a holiday high! between visiting family and taking a sweet family vacation to Puerto Rico, the blog has seriously taken a back seat, unfortunately I feel anytime life gets a little out of control my blog takes a back seat, I love my little blog, so as a resolution to 2017 my blog will have a big part of my life, at times I felt I had no content, and I was all over the place, so I took my self on a little target dollar spot trip and found a large calendar where I can keep track of my thoughts and ideas!

Here we go 2017 Resolutions!

For the past year I made my health and fitness a priority I'm happy to report I turned over to clean eating, and worked out about 90% of the year, I never felt better, I want to keep the momentum going so I became a fitness coach with Beach Body, I wanna share the feel good wealth, so if you're looking for new routine, I'd love to help you with your health journey.

There are people far busier then me, with more children than me, and can manage a blog... whats the secret I've learned.. Time management (never my strong suit) this year I will manage it!

To the planet, I promise to make less trash! seriously I'm working on building a compost, I have a separate bin for my recycling, I have my reusable bags ready in my car for every grocery/shopping trip. My goal is to only have half a trash bag a day... thats a big deal we used to have 2 bags a day!

whew, one busy year! I hope I have all of you still on my blogging ride!